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9 months ago

Dental Fillings 101: How To Choose

When I was a kid and had a cavity (far more often than I care to admit!), my dentist would always ask me what type of filling I wanted -- vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. I always chose strawberry, and for teeth whitening a while there, actually believed the dentist had different flavors. My suspicions grew when I realized no matter what "flavor" I chose, the filling was always silver in color, and tasted metallic.

Of course, now I know that ice cream flavors are complete fiction -- what I was receiving was a standard Mercury Amalgam filling. Still, it was nice that the dentist kidded with me about my "choices."

But today

10 months ago

Jaw bone grafting before dental implant

In the process of selecting to have dental implants, I ran into a snag that was remedied with jaw bone grafting. My road from beginning to end can be explained to perhaps help someone else know the journey ahead of them if this is a path for selection. Please see my article "Dental Implants the inside info" to read one other tooth episode to tell you in depth about dental implants after bone grafting.

My primary dentist, with years of experience, did not take special training to learn dental implanting, so my research demanded me to find such a doctor. Dentists are proud of their on going training to assist their patients with up to date and state of the art dentistry. Plaques and certificates will be showed to anyone who asks about the credentials for a specific procedure. This is part of your responsibility to ask, so your best interest will be followed, excellent care will be given to you with a favorable outcome. I chose a brand new graduate of Dental Implanting. My reason was that this dentist said he was going to specialize in this area of dentistry since he believed cosmetic dentistry Elizabeth himself to be a natural at dental implanting.

First visit included an oral exam, x-rays of the quadrant and above the surgical site as well. Since a dental implant is a permanent tooth, it must meet well with the other biting surfaces to yeild good mastication of the food. Special microscopic instruments, unusual sounding machinery and fine tuned procedures are required in dental implanting. These objects and sounds are unusual to hear in the dental chair, but after all questions are asked, I felt confident in the man who would transform my problem into a lifetime of thankfulness by doing bone grafting and a dental implant.

On the first x-ray, my jaw bone was discovered as being shallow or not dense enough to support the dental post that was needed to hold the entire implanted tooth. I was offered lab manufactured bone grafting substance along with pig and cow. I thought it would be neat to have some cow in my mouth, but I asked the dentist for his professional recommendation. He is the expert even though he was fresh out of dental implanting school. Lab grown bone grafting material was recommended. The build up of the jaw bone began in my mouth right after the dead tooth, which had a root canal on it, was removed. Jaw bone grafting comes with a cost of $400 to $700.

Covering of the graft site was in place just waiting for the process to grow some more bone for my impending dental implant. An artificial, removable tooth called a flipper was purchased for $600. This device provided me with a continual pleasant look since the operative tooth site was in front view when I smiled. This was not solely cosmetic in that it covered the graft site keeping it clean and free from contaminates as best could be achieved. The site was checked every 5 days to determine how the graft site looked and how I was doing too. I required no pain medication and was warned not to chew hard on that operative graft site. I grew jaw bone for a period of 5 months which ended in substancial bone growth for the dental implant to begin.

Be ready for an extremely, time taking, jaw bone grafting episode that takes patience and precise monitoring from a trained professional dentist. Following instructions and being aware of any adverse effects, my outcome was excellent. This area now was ready for a dental implant.

1 year ago

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